Migrating and consolidating file servers with enterprise vault

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This left an Exchange 2003 and Symantec Enterprise Vault environment for me to complete the migration.

The decision was made to consolidate email into one product, Microsoft Exchange 2010, and leverage the Archive Mailbox feature since we already owned the Enterprise CALs.

This included separate Exchange organizations, one with Archiving and one without.

Upon my arrival, one of the larger companies was just at the tail end of being migrated into the parent company’s domain as far as user accounts and Exchange mailboxes were concerned.

Since I want to export all items from the archives, I selected Export all items and clicked next.

You have the ability here to select only specific items if you are trying to clean up the archive at time of export. You will have to validate that there is enough space available in this directory for the users that are being exported.

There are many ways to get the data into Exchange but the most effective way is to use a free tool created by Microsoft called PST Capture.

Once each of the PST files have a mailbox designated as the target location, click on the Import All Now button.

This will copy the PST files to a staging directory in a proprietary format.

Create a local archive and select a database to store the archive.

You can choose to store the archive in any database but for my example, I have created reserved databases for archive mailboxes only.

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