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Professional Theatre Royalties Calculated on Application. A Drama in Three Scenes by Dan Weatherer 4M Approximate Playing Time: 45 Minutes Winner of the 2017 Soundwork UK Playwriting Competition, this powerful and compelling drama delves deeply into the past of a seriously ill father.Cedric has confided in one son, Francis, about his infidelity nineteen years earlier that resulted in the birth of a boy, Anthony. Would he want to know his absent father after all these years? A Brother Born explores the affects of lies, denial and loss on a family that now must face serious issues that will forever impact their lives and personal relationships.This humorous but thoughtful and heart-warming tale takes audiences on a journey with Sadie from the fickle world of humans to the county landfill and the uncertainty of life on the street.When Sadie refuses to accept that she has been abandoned by the family she loves, she enlists the help of an unlikely comrade—the most feared dog of all; the legendary Pit-bull named Snappy.No matter how many times we share the moment when the Cratchits receive their Christmas turkey and Tim proclaims “God bless us, every one”, audiences will forever embrace and cherish this timeless tale of a heartless scrooge who is given a second chance to become the kind of human we all strive to be. Single Use Copyright Fee plus Royalty per Performance for Amateur Theatre.

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Professional Theatre Royalties Calculated on Application. How difficult would it be to cater the Last Supper?Sadie’s homecoming is crushed when she discovers she has been replaced by a cute Maltese puppy and worse yet, her Family calls the Dog Catcher which ends poorly for the proud and defiant Snappy.Sadie must now use the lessons she learned to help her find someone to love and to be loved by.Snappy reluctantly agrees to lead Sadie back to the Fickle family knowing all along that she was dumped like trash.On the journey home, Snappy takes Sadie under her paw, sharing her wisdom and friendship.

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