My husband was dating a stripper

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Well Sara can dance, and that went well, but when he told her to take off her top, she hesitated.The manager said, "If you can't show your ." I was surprised she quickly pulled off her top, and even took down her bottoms, a few of the workers whistled, and she smiled and relaxed.Some people say, ' Boys will be boys and going to a strip club comes with the territory.' But I have expressed to him before that I don't approve of this type of behavior. And it doesn’t seem necessary for a married man to hang out with half-dressed women anyway. " Strip clubs tend to be a gray area for many couples.Some husbands and wives go to clubs together and view it as a way to spice up their sex life.He hired her on the spot, told her to come in on Friday, one of the other girls would show her the ropes.On the car ride home I asked if she was alright with it.She is right, but I don't want anyone to find out she works there, our families would croak, especially her mother.

I was the one to approach her about it, and didn't go over well at first.But the building blocks towards reconciliation start with laying the groundwork in a calm and collected conversation.This may result in a disagreement about whether or not going to a strip club is even a betrayal of your marriage.But be sensitive and remember that sometimes these outings are part of a bachelor (or bachelorette) party, and he may have felt obligated to go to show his support to a friend.Also, give him the chance to relay the night's details.

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