My moms dating a vampire

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She is ready to sacrifice the potential of finding another man in order to be what she considers a fully committed mother.

Over the course of the date with Dimitri the vampire, she slowly but surely comes to a realization.

I decided to rewatch some of my favorites from when I was a kid and see if they held up to the memories I had of them back when I was young. My assumption of the movie’s simplicity as a result of the channel it was produced for was exactly that: assumptious.Through this and subsequent scenes, we learn that Adam is downright obsessed with vampires.He even goes so far as to read out loud an essay he wrote for class on a vampire hunter named Malachi Van Helsing (sigh), but somehow manages to maintain the charm of a kid who isn’t manically, desperately obsessed with vampires.Her good for nothing kids share a moment of compassion for the woman who birthed them and ask what’s wrong, to which Lynette responds:“There’s a time when you do stuff like this, and then there’s a time when it’s just too late… You get married, you work a job, you raise kids, you get divorced, and you become the kind of person who doesn’t date.It’s who I am.”With this quote, the film brings into context a struggle that many parents face after a divorce.

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