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FACT: Battering is a pattern of coercion and control that one person exerts over another. It includes the repeated use of a number of tactics, including intimidation, threats, economic deprivation, isolation and psychological and sexual abuse. The various forms of abuse utilized by batterers help to maintain power and control over their spouses and partners.

The most dangerous time for a victim is when he/she attempts to leave the relationship, or when the abuser discovers that he/she has made plans to leave.Domestic violence happens in all races, religions, and age groups.Domestic violence occurs in both heterosexual and same-sex relationships.FACT: Studies of domestic violence consistently have found that battering occurs among all types of families, regardless of income, profession, region, ethnicity, educational level or race. FACT: Although there is a high correlation between alcohol, or other substance abuse, and battering, it is not a causal relationship.However, the fact that lower income victims and abusers are over-represented in calls to police, battered women's shelters and social services may be due to a lack of other resources. Murray Strauss at the University of New Hampshire found that women use violent means to resolve conflict in relationships as often as men. Department of Justice has found that 85% of the victims of spouse abuse are female. Batterers use drinking as one of many excuses for their violence and as a way to place the responsibility for their violence elsewhere.

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