Non sedating antihistamine safe in pregnancy

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If your child suffers from watery eyes, running nose or has itchy skin, there is a strong likelihood that he may be suffering from some kind of allergy.

In most cases, your doctor may prescribe antihistamines to help relieve the symptoms of allergy.

Though these medicines help in treating the symptoms of allergies such as hay fever, however, many of these medicines may not be safe your kid.

It is because of the increased risk of side-effects and the limited study available on these medicines; first-generation antihistamines are sparingly administered to the kids.

In the following table, we shall be discussing various kinds of sedative or first-generation antihistamines.

https:// https:// The new-generation or non-sedative antihistamines are best antihistamine medicines for children because they have lesser known drawbacks on kid’s health.

Are you interested in knowing more about antihistamines, their types and how they work to? When a kid suffers from any kind of allergic reaction, his body secretes a chemical, known as histamine.

This chemical generation in the body may lead to itchy skin, stuffy nose or watery eyes.

View Full Profile Cetirizine, also referred to as its brand name Zyrtec, is a prescription antihistamine that is classified as a category B medication.

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On the other hand, new-generation antihistamines have studies indicating the probable side-effects that these may cause on children; hence these may be a safer option in comparison to the first-generation antihistamine.

However, refrain from self-medicating your child or giving these medicines without consulting your paediatrician.

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