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We conduct research to help the Canadian Armed Forces overcome technical challenges and meet operational goals, and deliver scientific excellence to support Canada's aerospace regulators' need to make informed decisions.

We also recognize the importance of collaboration in delivering impact to our clients.

Our unique facilities help our clients overcome their product development and certification challenges, and our 350 aerospace researchers have core expertise in aerodynamics, propulsion, flight research, icing, manufacturing, and structures and materials performance.

To position Canada's aerospace industry for success in new aerospace markets, we are investing in emerging technologies like autonomous air mobility, digital twin, disruptive architectures, and additive/subtractive manufacturing.

Our collaborations facilitate the exchange of ideas that helps catalyze advancements that are necessary to deliver research excellence and/or innovative technology solutions.

More than 1,000 railroad construction and maintenance-of-way stakeholders attended in 2019 conference where they heard presentations from major freight railroads, transit agencies, and other key leaders, on topics of importance to the rail industry.The state government has beefed up security across the state and has requested the citizens to not believe in any rumours.Prohibitory order under Section 144 of Cr PC has been imposed in seven districts of Assam.With our longstanding presence in the aerospace community, we are well positioned to forge new and strategic partnerships with all types of stakeholders.We have active partnerships with academia, industry, other government departments, and international research and technology organizations.

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