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Most of assumptions that I pr my friends had about Tinder are confirmed in the paper, but with lots of numbers, which could make it more credible or not really — as the research was based just in 2 locations: London and NYC which might have significant difference as the cultural context plays huge role in dating habits and strategies of users.

The most amazing outcome of the research is how free and open format of Tinder together with the natural differences in strategies between genders undermines resulting service functionality making the overall experience more and more frustrating over time.

The median delay for sending messages is just 2 minutes for men, compared to 38 minutes for women.

This could be driven by several factors, but it is well known that men often have to compete and differentiate themselves more as part of the mating ritual [25].

And this becomes worse and worse as if more men start liking everyone, more women get matches with everyone they like without further communication and become more picky, which make men even more aggressive in liking more, and so vicious circle begins.“63% of messages sent by men occur within 5 minutes of the match taking place.

This is only 18% for women, suggesting that female users often wait to receive a message first.

Charlie Stelle, have been researching the landscape and found that people over 60 represent the most rapidly growing demographic in online dating.

You can read an article about the ongoing study by clicking here.

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The interesting point is how once again it frustrates the users.Free format of profile without any questionnaire to fill in like on the traditional dating websites creates the situation in which the service brings together people looking for different things without necessarily stating clearly their expectations in profiles, and those things differ a lot between genders.According to researchers main female interest on Tinder is to just check profiles and chat, followed by meeting partner and casual dating, while one nights stands are not being considered as a main interest.Most of all, how it raises very interesting question on whether the open-format profiles model of Tinder is functional at all and really works for users.First, what fascinated me is how the complex research with a lot of data analysis involved is confirming all the qualitative empirical observations that one can get by using service and talking to people.

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