Okcupid dating profile quiz

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It can be frustrating when people outside your desired age or distance ranges, or when they would like to pursue relationships that do not line up with your own philosophy.(Not everyone is wired for polyamory or open relationships!If you have zero interest in the science of love and dating, or if you are already well versed in Ok Cupid's algorithm and how it shares information with you and other folks using the website, you can easily skip this section and move on to step three.Let's talk briefly about the why's and how's of what you've done so far with the popular dating site, and what your focus needs to be from now on in. Do you have a plethora of potential mates or suitors, like the gal in the photo above, or are you just waiting for someone "appropriate" to message you or reply?Take note of these similarities, and look at a few more profiles if need be to see a pattern—because there will be one. Perhaps they're all older than you, or of a certain race. It should be quite obvious to you very quickly that there's a pattern here, which is great! These things can easily change, so just use whatever comes to mind first.The thing is, is it a pattern you're happy with? Now that you have a general list, please write it down and put it next to your computer for the rest of this process.Ok Cupid is known as one of the top dating sites, but that does not automatically equal romance.

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Whether you've got a brand new profile or a long-standing one, you're going to want to review the step prior to this one before moving on (Do You Know What You Want on Ok Cupid? The reasoning is simple: if you just answer questions willy-nilly, you'll get similar results. With your list of two or three must-haves in hand, log back into Ok Cupid, and find your Profile (there's usually a link at the top of every page).This is why your focus is incredibly important when using online dating sites, but Ok Cupid especially.If you've got an Ok Cupid profile right now, or even if you're just setting one up, go and do a basic search.If the question offers four options, such as the promises one, pick your answer. You're going to find very quickly that you're skipping more questions than you're answering, and that's okay.Then, pick three of the four other answers that you can live with your potential match answering, and then choose Very Important. For most people, it'll take 100 or more questions to find ten that you can and want to answer using the criteria listed above.

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