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The concentrate is to help women with the anguish of dating after divorce.

Here is a list of pages and posts on this site so far: I am not a licensed therapist, a dating coach or a life coach.

Thanks for reading and I wish you good luck in finding love! I already knew, in my head, after all the lies, for all the years, and all his begging me to forgive him him and he won’t do it again, yet he does as soon as my back is turned…,and then attempts to lie despite the proof I have (what did we do do before screen shot and history in the 80s?? If you click on these links and buy a product we receive a commission.

If you would like to add an online dating story to this site, please submit it below for consideration. As a 48 year old seperated woman, realizing my relationship will never heal, you freaking hit the pulverize on the head for me. ) he’d never switch, now, thanks to YOUR words of wisdom, it is lighter to accept. Some photos may have been obtained through Creative Commons licensing.

Check out my dating advice store page for a organized list of books and products I recommend.

In particular this middle age dating advice site concentrates on: This blog was began on September 2013 and I plan to step by step add dating advice articles related to these topics.

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A guy introduced himself to me at a party and began a pretty aggressive flirt. So, yeah, use your resources ladies, and be safe out there…

Mind you, that wasn’t my reaction to the post, but hey, we’re all different right? My girlfriend decided to give online dating a go, several of our friends have had great success, so she chats with interesting guy number one, who turns out to be a swinger, which, he tells her when they meet in person. Same friend meets guy number two: they had a nice dinner, but she wasn’t smitten–something didn’t seem quite right…days later, she was standing in a Seven-Eleven, waiting to pay for gas when one of those criminal records booklets caught her eye, which gave her the idea to look guy number two up on a criminal records database…and there he was!

This site is dedicated to sharing my practice and skill of online dating advice for women, especially middle aged women, over 40 years old.

I have been trained as a scientist and have attempted to use my training in that field in my writing along with my interests and practices.

It is merely unprofessional dating advice for women from a person interested in psychology who is living through a middle aged divorce, someone who has suffered the joys and sorrows of online middle aged dating.

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