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“This also signals industriousness, a work ethic, and is a good cue to long-term provisioning potential.” Or, as Prioli puts it, fish photos “show we can put food on the table if the shit hits the fan.” Dating profiles often have built-in features for more modern forms of resource signaling, like the college someone went to and the company they work for, both signs of socioeconomic status.

Getting multiple female opinions is invaluable, especially for choosing your lead pic.

Their first date was a boat ride, and they’re still together.

It makes sense, but surely not every guy with a fish pic is that dedicated a hobbyist.

For now, though, that’s about as far as my investigation has made it. During my get-to-the-bottom-of-the-fish-pics quest, I came across Prioli’s profile and swiped right.

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