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But it also allows people to create their own idea of the person on the other side of the Internet, he said."We want that attractive person who looks like a model, and we fall in love with the image and we don't fall in love with the person," Mogul said.

"I think we fall in love with the profile."Mogul said he suspects heterosexual singles might find less hook ups through online dating than he did.

Or maybe not: Lisa, 40, of Long Branch, said she was looking for a "friend with benefits" — a no strings attached relationship that is centered around sex — when she joined one site two years ago. But when she ventured to another site more recently with the goal of finding a boyfriend, she became frustrated with it.

How dating has changed The realm of dating has been changing almost since it began. Sure, for some, but increasingly that's the exception, not the rule — although sites like Christian Mingle do promise to help Christian singles "find God's match for you."So instead, some 38 percent of Americans who are single and actively looking are turning to the world of online dating, according to a 2013 study by the Pew Research Center.

"If you are looking to date seriously, you can possibly find it on there.

It takes a little more time, but you can find it on there."Like Lisa, Patrick keeps expectations low when he starts a new online dating app."I have no agenda.

After three dozen or so similar pictures one gets the impression there must be some big cat petting zoo nearby.

Or simply too many single men with too much time on their hands and mad Photoshop skills. While the kookiness of the photos some people put on their online dating apps is almost a given, one thing is still left open to debate.

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