Open office charts not updating

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Sparklines are small (word-size) charts that illustrate trends and variations.

And they are now ease to create from Open Calc using Euro Office Sparkline!

Sparklines are simple things and now creating them is simple too.

Just select the data series you want to use as the basis of the sparkline and click Euro Office Sparkline in the Insert menu.

Calc: vlookup gives Err.502 though I'm sure the syntax is correct.

Print active sheet in multi sheet spreadsheet Merge two colums in two sheets how do I set print area for spreadsheet?

This product is Open Source, for an Ad Free Version, click here. This product is Open Source, for an Ad Free Version, click here.

Apache Open Office 4.1.6 has been released on Nov 18, 2018.

A simple very practical approach - Why don't you build 1 spreadsheet and try how it works in the other application.By way of general answer to your title, I have recently written this outline of MS binary vs OOXML support in LO.[1] indicates whether a copy of the existing VBA macro is preserved or not.I would like to integrate my spreadsheets with Python and build several Macro's.[...] My home computers are all running Ubuntu and therefore I'm using Libre Office, however my work computer runs windows and Microsoft Office.

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