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It’s about feeling what you’re going through and transferring that feeling to the jury.

Your case’s success is a by-product of your legal team’s ability to connect others to your experience.

You need to be able to focus on your physical and emotional recovery, but that’s much easier said than done when medical bills are piling up, you’re losing income and extreme financial stress begins to take hold.

Not to mention, the other side’s defense attorneys are putting pressure on you to accept a quick settlement.

Connecting decision-makers (insurance adjuster, jury or judge) to your story takes work, vulnerability, heart and the right attorney.

Being injured by some else’s negligence is a traumatic experience that takes its toll physically, emotionally and financially. Thousands of people every year in California suddenly find themselves in this extremely challenging situation and plotting a course to recovery with regards to all facets of your losses is difficult.

We will help you understand what it takes to pursue a proper financial recovery and we will explain to you what’s going to be needed as we move forward.

is an experienced injury law firm serving you locally in California.

John Michael’s practice involves protecting the rights of those who have suffered harm as a result of another’s conduct.

This most commonly includes personal and multi-plaintiff litigation for brain injury, wrongful death, business disputes, vehicle injury (including car, motorcycle, boat, bicycle and pedestrian), construction injury, workplace injury, government liability, sexual assault and products liability.

You can get down to the business of healing and focusing on you and your family. "John kept us informed about every step of the process.

He was readily available to answer any question, by phone call or text message or by email. And in the end, he was able to get us a settlement that exceeded our expectations, faster than we thought possible." "I called the office of John Michael Montevideo.

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