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It is called, ‘Your Quest for Home- Finding Your Ideal Community in Later Life.’ It’s on Amazon.Great when combined with Beth’s book.” “I have friends in a distant city who have suggested sharing a home, but, I would be the one to carry the majority of the ‘financial load.’ I can’t do that because I don’t have money.” “Share your house and rent out rooms.” One of my other articles, written for the Huffington Post 50, “Who will care for us; the Aging, Childless, and Single,” received a lot of submissions as well: “Work to eliminate debt as quickly as possible.It’s my goal to help lighten the stresses of aging alone.

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The only caveat is to have a lot of conversation ahead of time about likes and dislikes and do a trial period to test compatibility.” “Check out the book by Beth Baker, With A Little Help From Our Friends: Creating Community As We Grow Older.” “Please check out my book on how to go about doing this from the inside out.

Since I work with aging experts at Senior Care.com, it’s high time I do.

The matters that will get my attention in 2016 are my living preferences, my independence, my safety, and my care. A few months ago, Sixty and Me published one of my first posts on the subject of elder orphans.

In our community, it is more of a struggle because our agency has been providing for several communities.” “See a doctor once a year, get tests, get immunizations, eat a Mediterranean diet, exercise like a fiend and take care of your teeth. I have no regrets doing this.” “People who are married and have children can’t be sure that their grown children will assist them in old age. Some can’t be bothered.” “Better get used to taking care of yourself and expecting nothing from other people because every government agency associated with help for the elderly is going to be eliminated by the Republican Party – Social Security, Medicare, and all ‘safety net’ programs are on the chopping block right now.” You can see the original comments by clicking on links to the articles in this post.

The commentaries illustrate real concerns of individuals about aging alone.

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