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l’m always a little nervous to follow the recommendation of some web site that tells me to add permissions.

However, as the site pointed out, the web.config files in the Autodiscover and owa folders already allow Authenticated Users at least Read access, so it makes sense that it’s okay for the OAB to have that permission as well.

This morning I was asked to update the Global Address List and Offline Address Book in an Exchange environment.

You could wait for Exchange to do it automatically (the default schedule is once a day) but what when you want to force the update to take place right now?

I am going to rename the corresponding GUID folder as shown below (Exit Outlook first), to initiate a fresh oab download.

While checking this list, the administrator can be sure that the OAB has been generated successfully and check if it has been published at the place where the Outlook client is expecting to find it.At the end of this post, I will give a recommendation regarding the best way in my opinion for rolling out a new OAB to your whole user base, in case you face a situation where a full OAB download for all Outlook clients is necessary.But let’s start with the OAB generation and publishing process.In Exchange 2013, the OAB is generated by each Exchange 2013 Mailbox server(s) that hosts a special type of arbitration mailbox, called organization mailbox.The unbinding of OAB from a specific server allows the same OAB to be generated by multiple Mailbox servers.

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