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Most importantly, you aren’t pulling your hair out trying to find old emails when your deadline is due.

Outlook Customer Manager also helps with collaboration, which is great for SMBs with multiple employees.

Its design is simple with only the features you need to keep you and your team on the same page with each customer.

There’s nothing more frustrating than when you’re not on the same page as your customer.

Sometimes, you learn something about your customer you’d like to remember in the future.

With Outlook Customer Manager, you have the ability to enter notes into individual customer profiles as you see fit.

A rule is an action that Outlook performs automatically upon incoming or outgoing messages, based on conditions that you have specified.And with so many hats as an SMB owner, relying on your memory probably won’t end well. The first part of Outlook Customer Manager is the deals section (as seen in the image to the right).You can view any deals you’ve offered or created for your customer in their profile How frustrating is it to track down an email from six months ago? In Outlook Customer Manager, you can see any email correspondence you’ve had in a customer’s profile, as well as any tasks and deadlines you’ve set.With Outlook Customer Manager, you’re able to add your customers into Outlook as a business contact — and have access to an easy-to-use CRM that will help you manage customer interactions.No more forgetting about what was discussed on the last call with one of your customers, or trying to remember what custom deal you created for another.

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