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There is a musician in every Pashtun and the reason is the availability of musical instruments like rabab, sitar, Piano, mangi in the village Hujra. Local musicians were not awarded any importance in the social structure but they were happy making their living.From a child birth to circumcision to engagement to marriage, the musician had many occasions to display his art and feed his children.Even the capital of Afghanistan, Kabul is on the eastern side. I admit that some people watch Indian movies but this doesn't make them South Asians.Because of that, Pashtuns are in the Indic cultural watershed, though they are an Eastern Iranic people. Cuz most of people watch Hollywood but no one turned American or European cuz of it.In the 1970s, thousands of Pashtuns went to Saudi Arabia for work.They not only brought money but a Saudi-indoctrinated religiosity as well, which was not in link with the local religious traditions.I believe that the Pashtuns are on the wrong side of history. Pashtuns live in the eastern side of the Hindu Kush mountains, where Indian influence has been the dominant historically. Pashtuns have own culture and they are proud of it.

Traditions brought order to contain this individualism that is a source of chaos and anarchy.As a child I remember how a Saudi Arabia-returned would argue with the local people in the mosque to pray like the Saudis.Saudi Arabia made sure that its vast sums of money donated for mosques and madrassas is inextricably linked to Wahabiism.The arrival of the Wahabi mullah deprived the Pashtuns of their traditions.Anything not conforming to Wahabiism was declared un-Islamic and had to be discarded.

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