Patti bravo dating

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“She passes it off to Destin, Rachel and other account executives.

The girl who set me up, that was an account executive, was fired…

In the end, it’s all about compatibility."What are the five things every girl should do to prep for a big date? Get your hair in order, your nails done, and a bikini wax is essential.

So, just in time for V-Day, we've wrangled Hollywood's number one wing woman to spill her secrets on successful dating and mating.Seriously."What do you recommend we do to beat those pre-date jitters? But you should definitely work out, take a hot bath, and have a good glass of wine to relax — basically anything you can do to pamper yourself.I’m also a big fan of acupuncture, lately."Should we be Facebook or Google stalking these men before we meet them? If you need to Google someone, it means you’re suspicious. Tell him from the get-go, 'I prefer you call me.' It sets a bad tone from the beginning to not have real personal contact when you go the texting route."What are the biggest red flags to watch out for on a date?From a pre-date prep checklist to full-on husband-hunting how-tos, here's all the dish you could possibly want from the Left Coast's most major matchmaker.Take it or leave it, but seriously, aren't you dying to know?

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