Perc validating devices domain

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The confirmation process consists of visiting the link provided in the email and following the instructions on the page.WHOIS-based Email validation For the WHOIS-based method, Digi Cert sends an authorization email to the registered owners of the public domain as shown in the domain's WHOIS record.You can also see if the order is waiting on domain or organization validation to be completed before it can be issued.Below are some of the more common issues we run into when troubleshooting the reason HTTP Practical Demonstration checks fail.For information about other supported domain validation DCV methods for pending orders in Cert Central, see Domain Validation (Pending Order): Domain Control Validation (DCV) Methods.After you've ordered an SSL certificate, you can visit the certificate's Order # details page to see its validation status.For example, if we provide you with this URL: [ don't add -validation/verificationtoken.txt).To complete domain control validation for, place the file on the exact domain you want validated; the one we generate the URL for.

However, you will need to disable the second redirect (https:// long enough for us to locate the and validate your control over

Multiple redirects block us from locating the file and validating your control over the domain.

For example, you need a certificate for but the page redirects to https:// then redirects again to https://

Once the file is created and placed on your site, Digi Cert visits the specified URL to confirm the presence of your verification token.

Make sure to avoid some of the more Common Mistakes.

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