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Also, with him taking note he is not an activist judge, it would be interesting to see how he holds that as a standard yet sometimes falters.Essentially what I’m saying here is, I want to see layers and a complicated figure.For while you get storylines like what we got from Girls United, this was paired with the type of drama which occasionally eclipse the message and the strength of individual character., the fear is that we may get more of the same.

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So while rated positive just because the show seems good, and you can see its potential, there is a bit of caution in that.

and now Mariana and Callie are college graduates and have decided to live together in Los Angeles.

It is there where Mariana has found a job at a tech startup named Speckulate and Callie has found a job working under a conservative federal judge, last name Wilson.

Also, we got Davia who is body positivity, and formerly was anorexic, Malika who was in the foster system but didn’t get lucky like Callie, and the list goes on.

Pretty much, this show finds a way to be inclusive to different ethnic groups, and recognizes their culture, without making it seem it is to avoid criticism.

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