Pistorius dating model

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that the week prior his security alarm had gone off in the night, prompting him to grab his gun and go downstairs to check out the house.It was a false alarm, he said, but that prompted a chat with the writer about guns and shooting. 29, 2012, Oscar Pistorius proudly carried the flag of South Africa as he and his country mates walked in the Parade of Nations during the 2012 Summer Paralympics opening ceremony.During the ensuing fortnight, the athlete known as "Blade Runner"—for the prosthetics he had not only mastered but on which he flew through the air with the greatest of ease—would win two gold medals and a silver.THE world was shocked when Paralympian Oscar Pistorius was arrested in 2013, accused - and later convicted - of killing his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp.Here we look at how the two got together and what happened on that fateful night in Pistorius' flat in Pretoria, South Africa, 5 years on from Pistorius' arrest.Even when he did make history as the first-ever amputee to compete in the Olympic Games, his reception in the sporting world was split.Yet it was still the summer of Oscar Pistorius, the "fastest man on no legs," the year he became an inspiration for countless people all over the world.

Her final personal message posted to Twitter on the afternoon Feb.

Pistorius may have been considered a catch, but Steenkamp was the whole package: the model and TV personality was also a law school graduate, an advocate for victims of rape and domestic abuse, and had twice named her one of the 100 sexiest women in the world.

Financially successful on her own, she willingly helped support her parents.

The couple had spent the Valentine's evening inside Pistorius' Pretoria flat He later made a frantic call to emergency services after Reeva sustained her fatal injuries.

She had been shot four times through the closed door of the toilet cubicle.

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