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State law imposes a criminal penalty for passing a bad check, which ranges from a misdemeanor to a Class D felony, depending upon the amount of the check.

Issues involving bad checks should be pursued with criminal authorities or private counsel.

I deposited a check earlier this week, and have confirmed through the person who wrote it that it has cleared her bank.

I went to my bank to take out the money, and the bank says that it will still be on hold for several days. The Expedited Funds Availability Act sets limits on how long financial institutions can place holds on deposits.

All references on this page are to sections and titles of the Connecticut General Statutes, unless otherwise noted.

Copies of relevant statutes may be found either on this website or on-line at the Connecticut General Assembly.

Cashing a check for a non-customer, who may be a total stranger, exposes a bank to risk.

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Bad checks - A person is guilty of issuing a bad check when he or she passes a check with knowledge that there are insufficient funds to cover it and payment is refused upon presentation.

The bank gives out cash immediately, but it may not receive offsetting credit for the cashed check for a day or more.

Banks are generally willing to do this for their own customers' convenience.

The Department of Banking does not have legal authority to administer or enforce these statutes.

It's important to note that the UCC allows certain provisions to be varied by agreement.

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