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Before the story began, she had hoped that James would ask her to marry him, but he told her that he was not ready because he was married once before.

Thanks to this unexpected arrival, Billie and Zack have agreed to live together platonically, since the only place that Zack has called home is his van.

Zack intends to meet some other fathers as most of his other friends are not at this stage of life yet, but instead makes friends with a lesbian couple. While Zack shines in his class, Abby outshines Billie at all the tasks.

The lesbian couple guides Davis to another lesbian couple to help him get laid, which yields unexpected results. Worried that she will ruin Christmas, as she has in previous years, Billie tries to hide from her parents the fact that Zack is living with her.

Abby ends up irritating Olivia after she sends a friend request to the latter on Facebook.

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However, after a fun night on the town with Davis goes too far, Billie must stop Abby before she does something she will regret.When Billie tries to learn more about Zack, he becomes evasive.While snooping through Zack's belongings, Billie discovers a note addressed to her that he never finished writing.She soon finds out that she is pregnant, and decides to keep the baby.She must simultaneously deal with her boss and ex-boyfriend, James (Grant Show), who finds himself jealous of Zack.

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