Prevent mcafee 8 5 from updating

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If you’ve installed Mc Afee from AOL after June 2015 (and you have a Windows version above Windows XP), you currently have Mc Afee version 13.6.

Possible reason: A Trojan may have infected your computer. If MVT doesn't resolve your issue, you will be presented with additional support options.MVT is a Mc Afee online support process that resolves nearly 50 percent of Mc Afee product issues. Internet Explorer, to determine whether the broadband connection to the internet works without using the AOL Desktop Software. If the AOL webpage opens, try signing on to the AOL Desktop Software again; however, if you are unable to access the Internet with the external browser, please contact your internet service provider.You can download MVT for free by visiting Mc Afee Virtual Technician. Whenever you visit certain websites, temporary internet files and cookies are stored on your computer to keep a memory of the sites you’ve visited.These stored files can be helpful to access information faster the next time you visit the same site. Instructions are provided in the article Determining your version of Microsoft Windows and How do I find the version of my web browser? In the Search or Start Search box, type Internet Explorer, and then press Enter.But, these files can also jam your computer’s disk space once too many have been stored. Note: Once you clear the cache on your web browser, you may lose the following: If you have trouble using the Mc Afee Internet Security Suite subscription software, you should try running Mc Afee Virtual Technician (MVT), which is an automatic issue-detection and repair tool. Solutions Verify whether the internet can be accessed using an external browser Try connecting to the AOL webpage with a stand-alone browser, for e.g. Alternatively, select Programs or All Programs, and then click Internet Explorer. In the Address box at the top of the page, type in com, and then press Enter.

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