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To give you some idea of performance relative to i OS 5.1.1, we launched some standard apps in both versions to measure application launch times.

These numbers measure the number of seconds starting from when the app icon is tapped and ending when it becomes usable: Most of the results are well within the margin of error, with the exception of Mail, which consistently took around an extra second to launch.

That goes doubly for the smartphone and tablet industries, where a doubling of performance between product generations is still possible.

Even if you subscribe to the belief that each year's i Phone improvements are merely incremental (and I tend to upgrade my phone hardware once every two years, myself), the jump in performance and features that you get by moving two or three generations at once really add up to a substantially better experience.

This can cause two problems: the first is that owners of not-so-old devices can be left with old software, as is happening to owners of the original i Pad (which was, believe it or not, still the newest i Pad available just 18 months ago).

Apple has been restricting certain i OS features to certain devices since i OS 4, and i OS 6 is probably the most confusing example of this yet, mostly because there are now many different i OS products with varying performance levels.

As the oldest supported device, the 3GS misses out on the largest number of features: it can't use the 3D Flyover or turn-by-turn navigation features of the new Maps app (restricted to the i Phone 4S and newer), Panorama mode (i Phone 4S or newer), or the offline reading list feature (i Phone 4 or newer).

i OS 6 doesn't make the i Phone 3GS any slower or more difficult to use than it was before, which should be good news to anyone who keeps theirs around as a secondary or backup phone—indeed, it's pleasantly surprising how many of the refinements and improvements make their way down to Apple's oldest-supported piece of i OS hardware.

However, that hardware has been surpassed so thoroughly by other i OS and Android handsets at this point that it's difficult to recommend it as a primary handset.

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