Proper dating behavior

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In practice, Chinese people will use a number of “filler-answers” to either buy time or to put off saying no directly, such as “perhaps,” “maybe”’ “possibly,” and “I understand.” In many cases the word “no” may never actually be spoken by the first party, and it is left up to the second party to figure it out over the course of repeated maybes or unanswered correspondences.

Level of education and related certifications have historically played an important role in defining China’s literary and leadership elite.

These differences can not only cause confusion and delays, but in some cases can destroy relationships and torpedo potential business deals.

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In modern times, high-level educational degrees and such as master’s degrees and Ph D’s are highly valued in China, especially those from prestigious institutions.

And despite the many different ideas and cultures that influence China’s youth and young white collar workers in the modern era, decisions, by and large, are still made by the old guard, those who grew up either during the Cultural Revolution or during the rise of Communist China.

Chinese who either through ignorance or intent do not observe the proper etiquette and protocols will quickly find themselves viewed as difficult, uncultured or annoying and will find it hard to develop lasting relationships or gain advancement and recognition in their line of work.

When praised by strangers or friends, an individual will often downplay an accomplishment or character trait.

Those who are not as modest or prefer to claim their own accomplishments can be viewed as rude, proud, or braggarts.

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