Pub quiz speed dating

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In Britain, men who are physically attractive have IQs an average 13.6 points above the norm while women are about 11.4 points higher.Interesting stats from a leading evolutionary psychologist, Statoshi Kanazawa, who's based in New York and currently studying the link between good looks and IQ.We've taken classic speed dating format and combined it with the humble pub quiz to make one of the most fun and innovative ways to meet people.We divide the group into teams of guys and teams of girls.That illusive combination that most of us look for when searching for a match could be found in a round or two of Quiz Dating.

Then there will be a prize for the best quizzer of them all!The female teams compete in the quiz whilst the teams of guys rotate around the room after each round of questions, helping each team of girls as they go.All the girls get to meet all the guys and you get to use our unique online matching and messaging system after the event to message the people you matched with on the night.There's even the chance to be a little hands on with a round named, Whats in The Bag?So, with the quiz to focus on and your ever-changing teammates of potential dates, the conversation will be flowing, the competition might get fierce, but the night is sure to be a lot of fun!

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