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Progress towards victory keeps making victory more likely, but this goes neither too fast nor too slow, or at least that's the idea.(In my opinion, the positive is just a bit too large, or the negative too small, because once someone gets a lead in Risk the chances of turning the tables drops too fast.And yet, at the same time, you have a larger border and more vulnerabilities, more to defend; these liabilities are negative feedback, meaning that the closer you are to victory, the more chances there are for someone to turn the tables.In Risk, as in most games, the positive and negative are balanced in favor of positive.And the need for it to be less overwhelming is far more present in an indefinite-term game like Lusternia than it is in a game with a definite ending like Risk.If, in Risk, getting a lead of a certain amount makes you assured of a win, people will still play because two hours later the game board is wiped clean and everyone gets another chance.

More players in turn means that the amount of work that's there to be done gets spread out more, which helps make everyone feel less strained by obligations, and able to spend more of their time doing things they to do, which further improves morale, creating another virtuous circle.

The current imbalance is far longer in duration (already fully a quarter of Lusternia's entire lifespan), and far greater in disparity, than any previous one.

Yet people still brush it off as "this has happened before" and thus conclude that a change is both inevitable and imminent. But every passing day makes the amount of time before it will happen become longer. And keep hoping that the administration will reconsider their attitude towards positive and negative feedback...

or happen to slip some useful, effective negative feedback in by accident.

I honestly can't think of a reason why MS hasn't bought xamarin, unless there is some fatal flaw to their stuff that we don't know about. Maybe the reason really is that MS still hates Linux that much, and they'd be validating xamarins efforts of basically porting for linux. I can't imagine the asking price would be a ton either. They're kind of seen as traitors to the Linux community though, aren't they? Desktop, tablet, phone, couch are very different experiences.

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