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When you are creating an Excel Dashboard, often, it becomes difficult to fit different charts and/or tables on a single page.

Excel camera tool can be helpful here as you can easily take a picture of the chart or the data table and place it on the dashboard.

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This one is a bit advanced use of Excel Camera tool.

Suppose you have a list of items or names, and you want an image to update based on what name you select, then you can use the camera tool to create a linked image.

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You need to take a few steps to dig down into excel features and pull it out. Now you would have an image of the range of cells that you selected. Change something in the range of cells and the image would automatically update itself.Die HD live Webcam befindet sich im südlichen Teil des Kulturdorfs Katara an der Grenze zu Dohas nordöstlichem Bezirk Onaiza und erfasst den Distrikt West Bay und das Diplomatenviertel.Der anhaltende Bauboom von Wolkenkratzern im Diplomatenviertel ist ein Beweis für das immense Bevölkerungswachstum Dohas. Sie betreiben für ihren Ort oder ihr Unternehmen eine eigene Kamera, die Livebilder in hoher Auflösung zur Verfügung stellt? To begin with, Excel Camera Tool is not even available by default in Excel QAT or Ribbon.When you make a change in the data set, it is visible in the image in real time.

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