Radioactive dating powerpoint presentation

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This is lesson 26.6 The theory of radioactive decay from the latest syllabus and linked to the latest Oxford book (2015) Included here is a Power Point of this lesson and lesson plan complete with point by point teaching, homework recommendations and curriculum link; everything that you need to teach this lesson.

Slide 48 Scientists often want to know the ages of rocks & fossils using radioactive isotopes & their half-lives.

Energy Solutions Foundation has provided a number of these lesson plans, which will provide you with step-by-step ways to teach the fundamentals of nuclear science.

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Beta radioactivity also produces the neutrino and antineutrino, particles that have no charge and very little mass, symbolized by ν and of the parent nucleus.Readers can then judge for themselves which theory better explains the evidence.First, we need to understand a few terms concerning the atom.Nuclear Science Week endeavors to provide a rich assortment of curriculum assistance.The following activities are ready to use in your classroom.

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