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Dong-joo tells Mi-ho how she can become human, deliberately withholding the fact that Dae-woong will die in the process.He readies all the necessary identifications and papers under the name "Park Seon-joo," which Mi-ho will assume once the 100 days have passed and she's become fully human.Stunt director and head of the action school that Dae-woong attends. Doo-hong idolizes Hong Kong star Chow Yun-fat and tries to imitate him in his appearance and manner of speaking. He becomes fond of Mi-ho upon meeting her, and sees that being with her has made Dae-woong more mature and responsible.He eventually accepts Dae-woong's dream of becoming an actor.She has dreamed of becoming a human for centuries, but once rumors spread that she's a femme fatale who eats men's livers, no human man would agree to marry her.She has superhuman strength, can run exceptionally fast, jump great heights, and can identify people and objects from great distances by smell.

When Dae-woong awakes and meets a mysterious and very beautiful girl, he initially treats her as eccentric or mentally ill, before finally understanding that she is a gumiho in human form.As they spend more time together, he's surprised to see that instead of the ferocious figure of legend, Mi-ho is cute and full of wonder, and falls in love with Mi-ho.A legendary nine-tailed fox (or "gumiho" in Korean mythology) who was sealed inside a painting for 500 years.However, she has a mortal fear of water, since her fox bead (which houses her life energy or "qi") is made from goblin fire.After Dae-woong has an almost fatal fall from a cliff, she gives him her fox bead to keep him alive.

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