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Owens reminds us that we are forever shaped by the children we once were, and that we are all subject to the beautiful and violent secrets that nature keeps.The Inn at Gloucester stands alone on the rocky shoreline.The tension between Elwood's ideals and Turner's skepticism leads to a decision whose repercussions will echo down the decades.Formed in the crucible of the evils Jim Crow wrought, the boys' fates will be determined by what they endured at the Nickel Academy.And when Rowan Caine arrives at Heatherbrae House, she is smittenby the luxurious smart home fitted out with all modern conveniences, by the beautiful Scottish Highlands, and by this picture-perfect family.Writing to her lawyer from prison, she struggles to explain the unravelling events that led to her incarceration.

The Kleinsassers have ruled this part of Montana for decades, and the Iron Cross Ranch is their stronghold.

Its seclusion suits former Boston police detective Bill Robinson, novice owner and innkeeper.

As long as the dozen residents pay their rent, Robinson doesn't ask any questions.

Martin Luther King to heart: He is "as good as anyone." Abandoned by his parents, but kept on the straight and narrow by his grandmother, Elwood is about to enroll in the local black college.

But for a black boy in the Jim Crow South of the early 1960s, one innocent mistake is enough to destroy the future.

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