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The middle of the 20th century was a heyday for the Australian Catholic Church.

Priests who came of age during that period took its widespread success for granted. Now, well into the 21st century, it is in calamitous decline – in fact, returning to normal.

I lament that we were not nimble enough to see how the ideological and moralistic official stance was alienating generations. Only clergy can have final authority in the Church. Support La Croix International's unique blend of international Catholic journalism by making it available to people in Asia and Africa who can't afford a subscription and often don't have credit cards to pay for it either.

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About Rapid Ratings Rapid Ratings is transforming the way the world’s leading companies manage enterprise and financial risk.The new generation was cherished, better educated and perhaps a little spoiled. In particular, the simplistic view of a two tiered universe with this world on one side, heaven and hell on the other and with God being the creator, micro-controller and law-enforcer of the whole shebang was incredible. At the same time two generations forsook their parents' sectarian identity and dropped the Church. The present pope's approach is to skirt the culture wars and to focus on Jesus with his proclamation of a loving, merciful, forgiving and pastorally caring God.Authoritarian admonitions from a deauthorized papacy and episcopacy only hastened the alienation. He is encouraging practical solutions to ossified legal obstacles.NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Rapid Ratings, the leader in financial health ratings, and Eco Vadis, the world’s most trusted provider of business sustainability ratings, today announced a partnership that blends predictive financial analytics with reliable sustainability scorecards to deliver vital transparency into business relationships.The partnership equips procurement, risk, and compliance professionals with a holistic and actionable view of third-party risks and supplier financial health, enabling companies to address risks head on, protect the brand reputation, and accelerate growth.

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