Rashida jones dating

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“There’s things [in porn] that we would never accept from our mainstream media,” Jones told me.

“Really, really bad racial slurs, racial stereotypes, terrible treatment of women — things that are protected because it turns somebody on.” Our conversation (which has been edited and condensed) includes porn labor rights, e-dating, and what Jones likes about modern porn.

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And more than one in three teen girls who have seen porn say they were bothered by the way women are treated in pornography.

We have this hypocritical tension, especially in the States.

There’s this real puritanical, religious restriction in terms of sex being something that really only should happen between a married couple and should really only be for the sake of procreation.

You worked with Kinsey Institute-affiliated researchers like Dr. One of the notable statistics that came out of that was that nearly half of teen girls who have seen porn said they felt at least “a little scared” when seeing it.

It was the first study of its kind post-internet: We collected data from teenagers and then got their media usage, their porn usage, their sexual habits. And as you can imagine, the findings were that the parents didn’t really know what the kids were up to.

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