Reallfecam lna and maks

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The bottom of the plain was a broad and entirely naked level, with hard calcareous soil, surrounded by irregular, half-decayed hilly ridges.While traversing these extensive tracts, where European com- fort is never altogether out of reach, where lost supplies may be easily replaced, and where the protection of European powers is not quite without avail, I had often cast a wistful look toward those unknown or little-known regions in the interior, which stand in frequent, though irregular connection with the coast.Let it not, there- fore, be attributed to an undue teeling of nationality if I correct any error of those who preceded me.Beyond this the scene grew more open, and irregular plains, interrupted by steep buttresses, succeeded each other.

Under these circumstances, I volunteered cheerfully to accom- pany Mr.

In the evening we received a visit from two men belonging to a caravan laden with merchandise of Ghadamsiyin (people of Ghadames), which was said to have come, by the direct road through the wadi, in thirty days from Tripoli.

Ilatfta and Utaeti having again resisted all our solicitations for a guide, I at length, determined as I was to visit the mountain at any cost, started off in the confidence of being able to make out the well in the direction indicated to me.

Beyond this hill, where Hatita told us that he had once passed the heat of the 184 TEAVELS IN AFEICA.

It may be possible to travel without arms in some parts of Southern Africa ; but there is this wide difference, that the na- tives of the latter are exclusively Pagans, while, along all those tracts which I have been exploring, Islamism and Paganism are constantly arrayed against each other in open or secret warfare, even if we leave out of view the unsafe state of the roads through large states consisting, though loosely connected to- X PREFACE.

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