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His first words were "po'k chop," and that remained his favorite food.Though his uncle Tiny was perpetually frozen at 15½ "y'ars" old, Honest Abe gradually grew from infant to grade school age, and became a dead ringer for Washable Jones — the star of Capp's early "topper" strip.It even made the cover of Life magazine on March 31, 1952 — illustrating an article by Capp titled "It's Hideously True!!The Creator of Li'l Abner Tells Why His Hero Is (SOB! " Daisy Mae Yokum (née Scragg): Beautiful Daisy Mae was hopelessly in love with Dogpatch's most prominent resident throughout the entire 43-year run of Al Capp's comic strip.She is consistently the toughest character throughout Li'l Abner.A superhuman dynamo, Mammy did all the household chores — and provided her charges with no fewer than eight meals a day of "po'k chops" and "tarnips," (as well as local Dogpatch delicacies like "candied catfish eyeballs" and "trashbean soup").

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Capp derived the family name "Yokum" as a combination of yokel and hokum.Once married, Abner became relatively domesticated. Like Mammy Yokum and the other "wimmenfolk" in Dogpatch, Daisy Mae did all the work, domestic and otherwise — while the useless menfolk generally did nothing whatsoever.Mammy Yokum: Born Pansy Hunks, Mammy was the scrawny, highly principled "sassiety" leader and bare knuckle "champeen" of the town of Dogpatch.Ironing Pappy's trousers fell under her wifely duties as well, although she didn't bother with preliminaries — like waiting for Pappy to remove them first.Pappy is dull-witted and gullible (in one storyline after he is conned by Marry'n Sam into buying Vanishing cream because he thinks it makes him invisible when he picks a fight with his nemesis Earthquake Mc Goon), but not completely without guile.

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