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Lindenhurst is a village in Lake County, Illinois -- just north of the city of Chicago, Illinois.

The F2 brighter aperture allows capture of more light for dim environment, but it does not make that huge of a difference because wide angle lenses are also less susceptible to camera shake compared to longer lenses.

Furthermore the 5-Axis Image Stabilization from current Olympus cameras can sufficiently compensate for the loss of brightness in the PRO zoom lenses. Zuiko 12mm F2 lens, it is an excellent wide angle prime lens.

The only reason I can think of anyone getting the 12mm f2 is for the truly compact and light form factor, which I admit, no other 24mm equivalent lens in the world can match, and it does showcase the strength of what Micro Four Thirds and Olympus can do with lens design.

The Village has excellent access to interstate 94 and US Route 45.

For a map of key village locations, visit the Locations & Facilities Directory.

I also made a video explaining my thoughts and justifications for owning a 12mm F2 lens, which is not a cheap lens to begin with.

The 12mm F2 was one of Olympus' first few mini sized prime lenses, released together with the Olympus PEN E-P3, before the era of OM-D cameras.

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