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As a former newspaper reporter, she was honored by her peers with eleven journalism awards, including first place news writing for The Texas Press Association.She was a humor columnist for The 1960 Sun in Houston.. She left her job as a journalist in 2008 to write novels fulltime.Yet, as she convincingly shows, this teaching ignores not just the Bible’s own teaching and stories of several significant singles but also the church’s very daunting sex-ratio problem. Further, a 2016 Pew report found that Christian women also tend to be more devout than men, in measures like prayer and church attendance.Even more difficult, Walker also reports a significant gap in insistence on a Christian spouse.Central among the themes Walker reports is a tendency to view marriage as the natural and ideal outcome of (almost) every Christian life.Some even view it as a nobler, holier way to live than the single life. According to numbers Walker cites, women in the British church may outnumber men by as much as two-to-one.In that, she’s made an important contribution to our understanding of how Christians frame sex and relationships.Based on the information she provides, much of that teaching needs to change.

And that’s assuming all these hundred Christians are single!

Walker writes from a more-or-less Protestant British perspective, but American Christians will find much they recognize.

Over the course of 12 chapters and several appendices, covers everything from the history of marriage to typical teachings on gender roles to, of course, sex.

It’s not quite Monty Python, but Walker brings an almost C.

S.-Lewisian appreciation of the comedy of our romantic foibles.

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