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Natural Language Processing is the process a machine goes through when translating, summarizing, contextualizing, and analyzing text - or the same process that Google Translate uses to translate text.

Chatbots with NPL should understand language in plain text or speech including intent and parameters.

For example, product reviews tend to be easier to analyze whereas books, movies, art are more difficult because they are more open-ended and harder for the bot to categorize.

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Web developer kits like IBM Watson’s chatbot kit allows for easy use of NLU.

Currently, the most popular chatbot platform is Facebook messenger, which has over 100,000 chatbots embedded into the messenger.

Recently, Facebook launched its own chatbot using its developer kit called “Assistant M;” however, it has a 70% failure rate.

Facebook recently launched its own Facebook messenger chatbot called Assistant M, as well as a open-source developer toolkit for bots.

One of the most notable releases within the toolkits were the ability for bots to negotiate through a feature titled “dialogue rollouts,” in which bots could think ahead and decide best strategies for negotiation with humans or other bots.

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