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Archaeologists found 115 bronze coins buried underneath the remnants of a house that collapsed in the ancient Greek city of Corinth 1,500 years ago.

The coins themselves are a great archaeological find, but scientists are puzzled as to why they remained hidden for over a thousand years. Related: Scientists reconstruct face of ancient Greek teenager and she looks just as miserable as teens today The biggest mystery is not when they coins are from, but why they are still there.

Numismatics is the study of coins and money, of coins and coin-like objects.

He was known for his lavish spending -- often on himself -- at the expense of the Roman population, and for his cruelty.

The Roman historian Tacitus reported that Nero even had his mother and wife put to death.

According to a statement on the discovery, this means that the basilicas can likely be dated to the early Roman colony, founded by Julius Caesar.

The team will continue to dig at the ancient site with no end date in sight yet."There is so much being done and so much to be done," said Scotton.

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