Round robin dating

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The boat from Dartmouth to Totnes leaves Dartmouth at so plenty of time in Kingswear/Dartmouth for food & sightseeing, the journey is about 90 minutes and the bus from Totnes for the final leg to Paignton leaves Totnes at (30 minutes).

There are connecting buses to Torquay from Totnes and Paignton.

Would everyone like to suggest a date they prefer and maybe a firm date can be agreed on.

Hi there, I am trying to launch group virtual sessions with several different team members and I REALLY need round robin to be a group feature rather than just 1:1.

If I try to ressurrect this trip, who would be interested? High tide is around on 27th and sailings will be about at the earliest (my guess).

SQL Unfortunately the 27th May has low tide at in Dartmouth and for the 28th so any sailings will be mid to late afternoon.

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SQL Hi Nigel, in the past BTT and I have always been interested in this trip but up to now, the dates have always clashed with something else in the diary.

When this exercise is done right, the room will be abuzz with chatter and laughter, and participants will be more open to what comes next.

Tool: Speed Dating Participants: Pairs in groups of any size Time: 15-20 minutes total, 3 minutes per round Supplies: Paper printed with a set of questions for each participant.

It is difficult PFB, choosing a bank hol weekend means people Don't have to use so much of their holiday entitlement but you're right, accommodation can cost more.

The reason I suggested that weekend was tgat there was something else on should anyone be interested.

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