Rowvalidating e cancel

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In order to cancel the commit you can use the Cancel Edit() method of the Grid View.

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In the event that the Cancel button is clicked, I would like to cancel any pending edits to the DGV, reject all changes to its underlying Data Table, etc.

Unfortunately, this seems to fail if the user has entered invalid data or simply partially entered a row in any way that fails validation.

I also don't see any way to discern from sender/Event Args that my button click triggered validation, so I'm not sure how to discriminate...

Error Text = _ "Missing date" Return False Else Try Date Time. How can I get dgd Applications_Mouse Click to execute?Mihai "cance L^^" Antonio is a Romanian professional Dota 2 player currently playing for Kaipi.I play with , etc to no avail, and after a quick trace I see why none of it worked - the validation handler is making my code unreachable.My problem is that the Row Validating event seems to fire BEFORE my button's click handler is fired, and at all.

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