Rural dating website apolo and julianne dating

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People living in rural areas don’t necessarily want to date city dwellers as they feel the lifestyles are too different.

They want to date someone who also lives in the countryside, however this can be challenging as the rural population tends to be low density. The website seems to only recognise binary gender and binary sexuality and does not seem to cater to people who fall outside gender and sexuality binaries.

I’ve tried several dating apps, quite disappointing.

On some you actually can do nothing unless you pay, pay for a chat, pay for a list showing who like you.

It also seems to attract people who have intentions for a long term relationship rather than a date and a hookup.

Like any membership platform, the key metric for Only Farmers will be active paying users.

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The big players in the space are continually competing through high-end branding or claims of scientifically approved matching algorithms, simply focuses on a group of users who want long term relationships with people that have similar cultural norms and values.

We are seeing this model working especially well now within religious communities, people of a specific socioeconomic standard and geographical heritage.

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