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But all the while, I made beats and experimented with stuff on my own.

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There are many interesting facts that people may not know about Sara Bareilles.

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It’s amazing what happens when you stop censoring your creativity. And I try not to “explain” things like album titles and song titles too much because it demystifies things a little. I’m in a tough little donut hole of my artist career where I’m lucky enough to have fans spread out all over the country (and the world for that matter), but getting to all of them can sometimes be financially un-doable. How has your evolution of sound impacted your live show?

But basically, I like to use the Google definition, “a mark or a series of signs or objects left behind by the passage of someone or something.” I think that’s a cool way of thinking about an album. I’ve spent most of the last 8 years touring around the world with Sara Bareilles, and I absolutely love it on all levels. Is it more challenging to perform these songs as their multi-layered final products than it was when it was just you and your guitar?

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