Saved by the bell cast members dating

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Belding and Zack's team members were distressed because they thought there was no way they could win without Zack.

Despite this success, Zack sometimes felt athletically overshadowed by Slater, who was the star of the school's football and wrestling teams.

He was also a member of the glee club for a short time. Upon graduation, Zack was slated to go to Yale, having scored 1502 on the SAT, the highest of the gang despite his slacker reputation, and he was accepted to "Stansbury University" in his senior year.

At the end of Saved by the Bell, Zack is planning on going to Yale but he ultimately attended Cal U with Slater, Screech, and Kelly.

He is a charming schemer who often breaks the fourth wall by addressing the audience, sometimes temporarily freezing all of the characters around him in the process by calling "Time out! Zack also occasionally placed bets with students of Bayside's rival school, Valley. They dated for a few months until Kelly began to grow feelings for her boss at The MAX Jeff.

" Zack's schemes, though amusing, often backfire, resulting in unexpected outcomes. He has gambled on football, chess, the future, whether he could skip school, and even on the day that Mr. However, when Zack went to Las Vegas with Kelly, he was not seen gambling. In the episode "The Last Dance (Season 2)," Kelly breaks up with Zack at the annual costume ball as her feelings for Jeff grow and hopes she can still remain friends with Zack.

Zack is one of the most popular students at Bayside and is many girl's crushes.

In 9th grade, Zack ran against Jessie for class president. He was the lead singer and lead guitar player for a band called the Zack Attack.

Zack wanted the position only to get a free trip to Washington, D. He defeated Jessie by one vote, but after realizing how much the position actually meant to Jessie (and her college application), he resigned from office, allowing Jessie to become president. The other members were Kelly (vocals), Lisa (bass guitar), Slater (drums), and Screech (keyboard).

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