Seasonal dating finance

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(The reverse of this situation for summer resorts is a summer that is colder and rainier than usual.) One winter can be extremely snowy, while the next can see almost no snowfall, with very little chance of consistently predicting which way a winter will turn out in advance.

Some businesses use this uncertainty to their advantage, offering unique sales pitches revolving around the snow, or lack of it.

Each year, the movie studios' most important releases are planned for those two times of year.

High-budget, wide-appeal movies that have blockbuster potential are usually released in the summer, often at either the Memorial Day or Fourth of July holiday weekend.

In March, attendance at church and other religious activities jumps 60 percent.Examples of such businesses include operators of vacation cottages, lawn care service businesses, and businesses that contract to do snow removal.Extremely seasonal businesses may close down completely for part of the year or drastically scale back operations during their off-season, managing only basic services such as accounts payable and/or maintenance work.S.), ice cream stands, golf driving ranges, and drive-in movie theaters, just to name a few.If it is feasible, a business that relies heavily on one season tries to at least make some money during the remaining months of the year.

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