Sedating kids for dental procedures

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However, since all of the Children’s Dental Fun Zone offices have an anesthesiologist on staff, these children can be treated in the comfort of a private dental office. Call Today Visit us in our West Covina, Fontana, Reseda, Los Angeles, Eagle Rock, and Montebello locations or call us to learn more about pediatric general anesthesia.

Sanger, DDS, MS In the wake of recent news coverage of the deaths and injuries of pediatric dental patients, Dr.

Moreover, some children need to have a lot of dental work completed on multiple teeth.

Thus, it is often best to put the child completely to sleep using general Anesthesia in order to finish all of the treatment in one, stress-free visit.

Contact Us to Schedule an Appointment Today Young children or toddlers are often very frightened of the dentist.

Sorry to say that often times these records are "sealed" by the regulatory agencies and courts.Afterwards, the anesthesiologist will start an IV and give the right dosage of drugs to completely put the child to sleep.Once the child is completely sleeping, the anesthesiologist monitors the child’s breathing and vital signs, while the pediatric dentist provides all necessary treatment.These children too would benefit greatly from being put to sleep.Also, children that need a lot of dental work, which may normally require multiple appointments, may benefit from dental anesthesia because the child can have everything done at once.

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