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If you dress to look sexy, you are communicating one thing.If you dress in a way that’s totally casual, you are saying something else.

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On the other hand, if you ask good questions, listen well, and share openly and honestly, then you’ll convey that you’re confident and comfortable with who you are. When you get dressed for the date, ask yourself, “Is the way I’m dressed sending the signals I mean to be sending? But if not, you might decide to dress up or dress down a bit, depending on how you want to come across.You Send Signals with the Invitations you Offer or Accept Certain dating activities don’t really hold any specific significance at all.But if your date feels that you’re choosing only cheap restaurants or convenient fast-food joints in your neighborhood, they may begin to wonder how much you care about them and the developing dating relationship.You Send Signals when you say Nothing at All There’s an old country song that features the line, “You say it best when you say nothing at all.” It’s definitely true that some of our clearest communication takes place in what we call the nonverbal realm.

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