Sergio di zio dating

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He made his acting debut at age 13, in the 1995 film, National Lampoon's Senior Trip.

He is known for action film roles in The Lookout and The Boondock Saints. He had a supporting role in the 2005 drama, Cinderella Man with Russell Crowe.

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He has also played in many popular movies including National Lampoon’s Senior Trip, The Wishing Tree, 19 months, Luck, The message and much more.

He has played a constantly happy role that has a best friend named Lou and has a family with furious father and mother whom he hasn’t met in months. Sergio grabbed people’s attention right after his debut and was able to win many fans around the world which boosted him in his acting career.

Sergio, grabbing this opportunity acted many films among which The Wall, Major Crime, Freak City, etc. His wonderful journey in the acting career won him The Gemini Award and also has been nominated for many other awards.

He also has a Twitter account which can be followed to keep in touch with his daily activities.

With his successful career gaining more and more followers, many fan pages and fan sites are found in his name over the internet.

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